Fighting for You: A message from attorney Adam Ganz

Adam has been involved in the successful resolution of numerous personal injury settlements in excess of one hundred million dollars, and jury verdicts in excess of fifty million dollars for over 11 years. Here is a special video message to anyone thinking about retaining the services of Ganz & Hauf.

Temple v. NV Star Cab Co.
Judgment: $877,054

This case was a matter where a referring attorney associated Ganz & Hauf to litigate the matter. The Plaintiff was rear-ended by a taxi and then subsequently, the taxi to impact the Plaintiff again, this time pushing the Plaintiff’s vehicle into the car in front of it.

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The Plaintiff had been impacted three different times within seconds of each other, being thrown throughout the vehicle. Prior to the arbitration, the Plaintiff settled his claims with the vehicle that impacted the taxi. Ganz & Hauf arbitrated the case over two days and obtained a finding against the taxi company for $877,054.71.
Westling v. Yellow Cab
Judgment: $950,000

The Plaintiff was hit by a Yellow Cab driver in 2006. She sustained life-altering injuries to her neck, back and shoulder as a result of the crash, and required surgery to her shoulder and neck. As is the goal of all the cases we handle, the surgeries she underwent were extremely successful and the majority of the award was for the payment of her medical expenses.

A Message from the client

I am a true client and this is my true story I have been with Ganz & Half for 6 years they have helped me through one of the worst times of my life I got in a car accident 6 years ago i was at a stop light and was rear ended by yellow cab from day one Ganz & Hauf has faught so hard for me they work day and night to settle a case their staff is amazing they always go beyond the call of dudy to do what they can for you they all make you feel like family and in some way I feel i am I couldnt of asked for better attorneys I know some might say why so long well its a very long process to even start a case when the other party dont agree but I will tell you they stand by you in every way possible they are very tough and fight very hard to get you what you deserve also some say o they send you to their doctors to get more money that is far from the truth my lawyers sent me to the best doctors anyone could of asked for yes i had shoulder and neck surgery but it took a year of my group of doctors and alot of test done before them and I made that decision to have surgeries I couldnt ask for a better team to be on my side my case is almost to the end and I will tell you I will miss everyone at my attorneys office I truely tear up taking about it they all have seen me cry and laugh and still have always listened to me and let me make my own decisions they are real and will fight every inch of the way for you END OF STORY I LOVE ALL YOU GUYS TRUELY I DO!

Drew v. American Family
Judgment: $594,757

Ganz & Hauf obtained an impressive Arbitration decision in a case where our client was rear-ended. The person causing the crash took responsibility, but, as is often the case in our community, the person who caused the crash did not have enough insurance to compensate our client for his injuries.

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Although our client had an underinsured policy to help compensate him for his injuries, his insurer, American Family, did not treat him fairly in its evaluation of his claim, forcing him into a lawsuit. We agreed to resolve both the amount due under his insurance contract for damages for his injury, as well as the bad faith damages for the way American Family treated him, in binding arbitration. The Arbitrator held that insurance companies cannot treat their own insured in such a way! Ganz & Hauf obtained a decision in the amount of $594,757.94.
Berry v. Elazar
Judgment: Pending

The firm has recently obtained, after five years of litigation and a seven day jury trial, a judgment for a client against the brother of professional poker player Eli Elezra. Besides poker, Eli Elezra is “a multi-million dollar businessperson with several successful ventures on the Las Vegas strip”.

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His brother, Moshe Elazar, negligently turned in front of our client, while attempting to cut a corner, and hit our client nearly head-on. Besides multiple abrasions and a facial fracture, our client later underwent years of treatment for his neck and back injuries, and has not been able to work or support his family since this accident. Unfortunately, the Defendant, as is all too often the case, did not have enough insurance coverage to compensate our client for this loss. Even worse, in this case, the Defendant, while having many business ties to his brother’s businesses, has taken extraordinary steps to elude taking responsibility for this loss.

While the firm is content with the judgment, we will not be satisfied until our client obtains financial stability and the Defendant pays the judgment against him. As discussed later in this Newsletter, NEVER assume the person who hits you has enough insurance to cover your injuries; always make sure to have enough of your own insurance to cover yourself. If you need an analysis of your uninsured or underinsured coverage, call our office for a free consultation.


Lindsey v. Dixon
Judgment: $1,765,000

After a challenging two week jury trial, Ganz & Hauf has obtained a settlement for one of its clients that will provide her comfort and supportive care for the rest of her life. The firm recently settled the matter, just before closing arguments, and after two weeks in trial, insuring that the client will have enough money for future needs as well as financial stability.

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The majority of cases do not go to trial, but sometimes it is inevitable. The firm believes in the principle that a case should only go to trial when insurance companies refuse to take responsibility and compensate injured people fairly.

This particular settlement was obtained from two different sources for over $1,000,000 above the Defendants’ insurance policy limits. Often times, insurance companies take it upon themselves to deny claims, thereby, allowing Ganz & Hauf to exceed the offending parties’ policy limits of insurance. Ganz & Hauf has settled millions of dollars in claims that have exceeded insurance policy limits. While this case is not representative of everyone’s case, and each case needs to be valued separately and distinctly, understand that the firm is here to insure that their clients get the maximum value for their claims.

Metta v. Rinker
Judgment: $5,000,000

Ganz & Hauf, in conjunction with Vannah & Vannah, obtained a settlement at mediation for a client who was severely injured when a 18-wheeler pulled out in front of him on the highway.


Gentry v. Walmart
Judgment: $708,446

In March, 2006, following a four day trial, Ganz & Hauf obtained a jury verdict on behalf of a client injured while shopping at Walmart, when she was struck by a pallet of boxes pushed into her by a Walmart employee.

Long v. Reller
Judgment: $3,596,331.76

Ganz & Hauf, in conjunction with the law firm of Vannah & Vannah, obtained a jury verdict on behalf of their client, in July, 2006. The client was injured when a vehicle blew a red light, causing him to t-bone the vehicle.


Taylor v. Western States Contracting
Judgment: $2,500,000

In January, 2008, Ganz & Hauf obtained a settlement for their client, who was injured when her vehicle was hit and dragged by a semi-tuck.

Sparta v. Ascuncion
Judgment: $318,125.54

Ganz & Hauf was retained in May, 2009 as trial counsel for this client. With the trial just two weeks away, Ganz & Hauf was able to prepare and win a jury verdict for the client, who had been injured in a car accident.


Hubert v. Century National
Judgment: $915,000

In this August, 2010, insurance bad faith case, this Ganz & Hauf client obtained a total settlement from multiple sources. The client was injured in a motor vehicle accident, and quickly settled with the person that caused the accident. He then made a claim against his underinsured motorist carriers, who refused to fairly evaluate his serious injuries, or pay his claim.

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Other notable results:

Patrick v. Mowerer
Judgment: $293,768

Settlement in which the defendant failed to exercise reasonable care in keeping their dogs, which resulted in physical and mental pain and suffering and permanent disfigurement of our client.

Charles v. Department of Family Services and Melanie Ochs
Judgment: $150,000

Settlement for the improper placement of a child into the care of a negligent foster parent. The child endured sever physical pain, suffering, and emotional anguish, and eventually death, while in the care of the foster parent.


Borba v. Herrera
Judgment: $285,000

Settlement in a case where defendant was traveling directly behind our clients’ vehicle on a freeway off-ramp when she caused a collision with Plaintiffs’ vehicle and caused bodily injuries to our client.

Velasquez-Vargas v. Przeworski/Muniz
Judgment: $460,000

Settlements from multiple sources for our client who was injured in separate two motor vehicle accidents that were close in time.


Boughton v. Donahue Schriber
Judgment: $255,000

Settlement in parking lot accident. The accident occurred due to property owner’s negligent maintenance and control of the intersections in the lot.

Ravenel v. Roche Constructors
Judgment: $325,000

Settlement for our client who sustained foot, ankle and low back injuries when a pallet full of tile was dropped on him.


Binks v. Christensen
Judgment: $450,000

Settlement for a couple severely injured in a motorcycle accident in which a driver pulled out in front of them from a stop sign.

Hutchison v. Dowding
Judgment: $450,000

Settlement for our client who sustained neck, shoulder and head injuries after his vehicle was struck by a negligent person blowing a stop sign while he was working for the City of Henderson.


Pilette v. Sanders
Judgment: $270,000

Settlement when an adverse driver, negligently slid across the median into the path of our client, causing his vehicle to collide with hers.

Kennedy v. Capicchioni
Judgment: $500,000

Pre-litigation settlement for a motorcycle crash.


Perez v. Pulido Construction
Judgment: $300,000

Settlement for our client who was a passenger in a vehicle. The defendant negligently failed to use due care and bring his vehicle to a stop and collided with the rear of the vehicle our client was in.

Wiley v. Felix
Judgment: $350,000

Settlement for a case where a negligent driver was traveling directly behind our client, this driver negligently rear ended our client, causing her to enter the intersection where she then struck a third vehicle.


Cawthorne v. Chioccariello
Judgment: $530,000

Settlements for our clients who were involved in a multiple vehicle crash and sustained injuries to their head, neck, back, chest, arms and knees.

Meyer v. CM Reprographics
Judgment: $450,000

Settlement for our client who sustained a low back injury following a three vehicle crash.


Martinez v. Murphy Electric
Judgment: $405,000

Settlement for our client who suffered a serious knee injury requiring surgery following a 2004 motor vehicle accident.

Grosso v. Butler
Judgment: $300,000

Settlement for our client who was stopped for a red traffic arrow. Negligent driver was traveling in the same direction as our client and suddenly struck the rear of the vehicle.


Savage v. Caldwell
Judgment: $275,000

Settlement in which a negligent driver traveling directly behind our client failed to pay attention while following too closely and collided with the rear of our client’s vehicle.

Stansfield-Paquette v. Kasimoff
Judgment: $500,000

Pre-litigation settlement for a client injured in a rear-end motor vehicle accident.


Mariscal v. Perez
Judgment: $500,000

Settlement for a motor vehicle crash where the defendant failed to yield before making a left turn.